Maserati Case Study

The Hypergreen Fuoriserie

The launch of the Maserati Ghibli Trofeo in Hypergreen was an electrifying milestone that reverberated in the world of luxury automotive. Infused with audaciousness and unmistakable Maserati DNA, this launch held a pivotal place in McCarroll's journey. The synergy between Maserati's dynamic evolution and Spicy Tiger's media production prowess painted an unforgettable portrait.

The Work

A visual Symphony

The objective was clear - Introduce the world to the captivating Maserati Ghibli Trofeo in Hypergreen. This launch epitomised Maserati's unyielding commitment to evolve while staying true to its heritage. The campaign was meticulously designed to illuminate the convergence of luxury, performance, and futurism, defining Maserati's 'Fuoriserie'.

We took the Hyper Green Maserati Ghibli Trofeo to Shellharbour Airport and shot an entire TVC in 8 hours.

Visual Storytelling

Captivating the essence of 'Fuoriserie', Spicy Tiger conceptualised an epic narrative that personified Maserati's evolution. The storyboard came to life at Shellharbour Airport, where we shot the car over an 8 hour shoot day.

Multi-Platform Amplification

The captivating script was translated into a compelling extended YouTube social execution. This rich content was shared across social platforms, YouTube, and even in Cinema Advertising.

Driving Sales and Brand Resonance

The launch played a pivotal role in driving pre-launch and launch sales targets, while cementing McCarroll's stature as a luxury automotive leader.

The synergy between Maserati's avant-garde journey and Spicy Tiger's media production prowess resulted in a captivating campaign. By crafting an evocative visual narrative and strategically amplifying it across platforms, Spicy Tiger catalysed the Ghibli Trofeo's launch to new heights of resonance.

This partnership stands as a testament to the transformative potential of media production in redefining brand narratives and driving success. The Maserati Ghibli Trofeo's launch was not just an event; it was an artful orchestration that set a new tone for luxury and performance in the automotive landscape.

The team at Spicy Tiger offer the perfect blend of creativity and production efficiency. They offer a one-stop shop for the entire process including creative direction and editing, whilst respecting the needs of our business and taking the time to understand what is needed to maximise engagement with our customers.

Dimitri Andreatidis
McCarroll's Automotive Group

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