Ferrari 296 GTS Case Study

Ferrari 296 GTS
"Fun to Drive"

The arrival of the Ferrari 296 GTS marked a pivotal moment for the renowned Italian automaker as it aimed to captivate a younger audience, infusing its iconic brand with a fresh and vibrant appeal. In the dynamic city of Sydney, where affluence and style converge, the launch of the Ferrari 296 GTS held immense significance for two distinguished dealerships.

The Work

The Ferrari 296 GTS

Sydney's dynamic and upscale demographic provided a fertile ground for the launch of the Ferrari 296 GTB and its companion, the Ferrari 296 GTS. The objective was clear - To engage the discerning Sydney populace by showcasing the cutting-edge features, performance, and style of the brand new addition to the Ferrari range. The innovative hybrid V6 engine with an electric motor, not only promised unparalleled performance but also presented an more eco-friendly option.

The collaboration between Ferrari and Spicy Tiger's strategic prowess culminated in impressive outcomes.

Target Achievement

All pre-launch and launch sales targets were triumphantly met, establishing the campaign's efficacy.

Engagement Benchmark

The campaign set new standards for immersive dwell time (60% increase), engagement rates (25% increase), and click-through rates (over 20%).

Video Performance

Videos achieved a remarkable 95% completion rate, surpassing the previous benchmark.

Digital Footprint

The campaign stimulated a notable 40% increase in additional visits to dealer websites.

The synergy between Ferrari's automotive innovation and Spicy Tiger's strategic marketing prowess resulted in a triumphant campaign that aligned with Sydney's dynamic spirit. By meticulously crafting engagement-focused content and executing a well-defined campaign strategy, Spicy Tiger enabled Ferrari to position the 296 GTB and 296 GTS as much more than cars; they became aspirational symbols tailored to Sydney's cosmopolitan elite.

This collaboration stands as a testament to the transformational potential of strategic marketing, redefining brand perception and fostering market resonance.

Audience Connection

By resonating with the discerning Sydney audience, the campaign successfully attracted a new demographic to the Ferrari brand.

Dealer Empowerment

The launch of the 296GTB and 296GTS amplified the dealership's portfolio, solidifying their stature as high-performance sports car leaders.

The team at Spicy Tiger offer the perfect blend of creativity and production efficiency. They offer a one-stop shop for the entire process including creative direction and editing, whilst respecting the needs of our business and taking the time to understand what is needed to maximise engagement with our customers.

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