Bundanon Case Study

Unveiling the Bundanon Art Museum

Bundanon, an iconic art destination steeped in history for over five decades, has been a haven for artists and creativity in Australia. Its sprawling homestead and picturesque farmland have hosted luminaries like Arthur Boyd, who made Bundanon their artistic home from the 1950s until 1999.


Capturing Bundanon Art Museum

The imminent launch of the Bundanon Art Museum in 2022 heralded a new chapter for this treasured cultural institution. The task at hand for Spicy Tiger was to orchestrate a series of compelling short videos that would not only raise awareness of the museum opening but also capture the essence of Bundanon's transformation into a "reimagined art destination".

Spicy Tiger embarked on a creative journey to encapsulate the spirit of the Bundanon Art Museum through captivating visual storytelling.

Teaser Trailers

The first stage aimed to pique curiosity and anticipation. Short teaser clips were crafted, offering tantalising glimpses of the museum's offerings. These cinematic and atmospheric trailers served as a prelude, hinting at the artful experiences awaiting visitors.

Comprehensive Representation

The subsequent videos delved into the heart of Bundanon's transformation. Each video was meticulously designed to encapsulate the museum's multifaceted appeal, covering elements such as Arthur Boyd's studio, the enchanting homestead, and the picturesque surrounding farmland.

Visual Embrace

Cinematic excellence was at the forefront. Each video was crafted with an artistic eye, capturing the soul of Bundanon's serene landscapes and artistic heritage. The visuals were accompanied by evocative storytelling to create a rich narrative tapestry.


The series of short videos successfully ignited awareness and anticipation for the forthcoming Bundanon Art Museum, fostering a sense of excitement among the audience.

The collaboration between Bundanon and Spicy Tiger stands as a vivid testament to the power of visual storytelling in shaping perceptions and kindling curiosity. Through a series of meticulously crafted videos, Spicy Tiger brought to life the reimagined art destination that is the Bundanon Art Museum.

The marriage of artistry and narrative has not only successfully generated awareness but has also amplified the anticipation for the museum's grand unveiling. This partnership encapsulates the transformative potential of media production in breathing life into cultural landmarks and redefining their resonance in the collective consciousness.

Holistic Approach

The videos offered an immersive peek into the reimagined art destination, showcasing the diverse facets that will make Bundanon Art Museum a cultural gem.

Engagement Elevation

The compelling videos captured the essence of Bundanon's transformation, enticing viewers to become active participants in its journey.

Artistic Reverence

By blending cinematic excellence with evocative storytelling, the videos paid homage to Bundanon's artistic legacy while highlighting its contemporary evolution.

Very excellent team, and so easy to work with! I worked with them to produce a series of videos to promote a new national cultural destination. Their final content pieces were super high quality, uniquely creative and technically very sophisticated.

Emily McTaggart
Bundanon Marketing Officer

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